Greetings denizens of Interwebsia. This is my virtual homestead in these vast, untamed wilds, and where I indulge myself by talking a bit about my writing and/or anything else that interests me.

If you’re here, you were likely the recipient of one of my business cards, are interested in my writing, or are a member of the Shadow Government trying to track me. (Related: AM I ON ANY NSA WATCH LISTS YET??? COME ON ALREADY!)

As far as my writing goes, I write speculative fiction, which is code for sci-fi, fantasy, and related sub-genres, I guess. I prefer stories that represent the true, diverse nature of the world we live in, so that’s mostly what you’ll find me writing.

Check out the About Me/Contact┬ápage for more info, and to (you guessed it) contact me! Seriously, I don’t get enough email in my forty-one-bajillion email accounts, so send me pictures of your cats, tirades about your boss or mother-in-law… I’ve got nothing but time to BURN!!!