31 May 2013- YAY for a Productive Day and Humus!

Today has been a very productive day of writing! Huzzah! I wrote more in the first two hours of today, than I did all of yesterday. I didn’t keep that pace up for quite the whole day (as I had to write up an appendix for my own reference, run some errands and, of course, play with Little Man). Still, I ended up with over 3200 words, equaling somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 pages.

I think that the key to today’s writing success (especially for those first couple of hours) was that I started out strong. I didn’t have to slog through a whole bunch of messy scenes in a row, but finished up a scene with some good dialogue, wrote a torture/interrogation scene, and only then started on the more difficult scene.

It’s interesting that some of my more difficult scenes in Draft 2 have been the ones from viewpoint characters that were very easy to write in the first draft. I don’t know why that is, but it’s something I’ve started noticing. Hope that’s not the case for the whole book.

In any event, I’m probably not going to be doing much writing over the weekend. Tonight we have a graduation party for one of my best friends and his little brother (my friend from university, his brother from high school), and that should be fun. After that, I really don’t see the rest of the evening lending itself to the cause of productivity.

I also have a lesson that I am giving in church on Sunday. I much prefer speaking in front of a large group of people (in this case, it would be the whole congregation at church) to teaching little groups (as is my predicament). In a large audience, you can just present your material, answer a couple of questions (depending on the type of speech) and then be done. In a lesson there are questions throughout. You have to make sure that the guy on the back row isn’t snoring or playing Angry Birds or doing something else that will derail your entire lesson.


Anyway, I have that to work on/look forward to, so I’m feeling SUPER excited. Minus the excited part. Maybe the equation would be true if “excited” was equal to “filled with dread/stress.” Yes, that sounds more correct. I’ll just prepare the lesson and not think about actually GIVING it until Sunday morning. That should make everything better, right?

[Insert image of Branson beating his head against a brick wall here].

Hm, maybe I WILL do some wring this weekend. Nothing inspires more productivity in an activity than engaging in that activity to avoid another less desirable activity.

Anyway, I’m off to prepare some humus, salsa and chips for the party. Yippee!

Until Monday folks!

Branson, signing off.

30 May 2013- Back to WRITING!!!

I actually got writing done today! At this point I’m sitting modestly somewhere between 2500 and 3000 words which translates to roughly 7-8.5 book pages. I’ve worked through a few more difficult scenes (I should NOT have put so many together) and revamped the ceremony for when my main character gets inducted into the institution of magical learning. Don’t worry, she does this mostly as a formality so this isn’t another wizard-prodigy-goes-to-school story (although admittedly there are those who have written that trope well).

Other than that, the day has been relatively uneventful. Oh, except for the part where Little Man projectile-pooped on my dear sister. Yeah, we’re talking cannon of crap. It was that fantastic. I think it’s karma for her having done that to my mother on numerous occasions during her infancy. My only regret is that I didn’t get any pictures of the event (I’m stuck with pictures of the unexciting aftermath). I may have laughed. A lot.

Tonight I’m going to be doing some brainstorming/world building a bit for the “Children of Essence” story that I hope to start working on soon (story number3 in the lineup right now).

With that, I’m signing off for the evening.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Writing
  • Graduation party


29 May 2013- The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

Once again, today has been a day of relatively little actual writing (only about 1000 words and I don’t think that I’ll be doing much more tonight). We’re trying to get our odd new schedule figured out, but that’s alright.

Anyhow, I tackled a new scene today and added a new secondary/minor character. He doesn’t play a major role in this book, but I see him having a very interesting future (in possible later books).

So, moral of the story is that today might not have been great but TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER!!! Okay, I’m done.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Writing. Lots. Because my Cute Little Wifum said so.

P.S. It has also been very rainy today. There is good and bad about this. It is good because it is beautiful, bad because it’s wreaking havoc on my joints. Woot.

28 May 2013- No Special Title

Guten Tag mein blogger-peeps. Actually, there’s not a lot of Guten in this Tag. It’s a rainy one, and Little Man stayed in his jammies all day (okay, I guess there are good things about that). There is a chance that I may have also… I may also be sporting recycled hair. What does this mean, you ask? It means that I rearranged bed-head to make it look semi presentable.

I got roughly zero hours of sleep last night (okay, that may be a little bit exaggerated) therefore, I slept in. A lot.

I got some good writing done today. I finished a difficult scene (hopefully well) that did NOT want to cooperate. That’s been a relief.

We also need to get a plan for our new schedule. It’s wreaking havoc on the feng shui of our lives right now, but everything will soon get itself figured out. Hopefully.

That’s basically it.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Still a little unsure on what’s going on. There will be writing, but how much is still up in the air.

27 May 2013- Vole Skull, Goat Wrangling, Free Food

Happy Memorial Day dear Americans. Also, it is some holiday in the UK. Do I know what? Hey-uck no. In America this holiday is observed by remembering those who have passed on, specifically those who have rendered military service to the country. It is also common for businesses to be closed and people to go out and have fun not working.

We celebrated a bit different this year by going and doing some more garden work at my grandparents’ house. Now, when I say garden work, I’m not just talking about a little spit of dirt with a couple petunias, I’m talking about SEVERAL gardens of varying sizes, the smallest “garden” being around my grandma’s gazebo. It was a lot of work, but it was quite enjoyable!

Some interesting things happened while we were there.

  • I found a vole skull. For those of you who might not know what a vole is, it’s a small rodent, much like a mouse with ucky yellow beaver teeth.
  • I made a new puppy BFF. Oh, and by BFF I mean, cute-little-animal-friend-who-makes-working-in-a-garden-VERY-difficult. I guess that’s a CLAFWMWIAGVD rather than BFF.
  • Little Man did a VERY large poop. It is a good thing we keep an extra set of clothes in the diaper bag.

On our way home, we realized that we needed air in our tire. This has been the case ever since winter decided to get out of our little valley for good (which really was only a couple of weeks ago). So, instead of going BACK and bothering my grandparents, we stopped by my Cute Little Wifum’s parents’ house to use their air compressor. Interesting things happened there.

  • I got to help my mother-in-law wrangle a couple of goats.
  • We saw the three little kittens who are all adorable and growing bigger and bigger!
  • My father-in-law pumped up our tire!

We got home, got cleaned up and rushed back out to a family gathering. There, we were fed (YAY FREE FOOD!) and we got to enjoy the company of family.

Now, we’re sitting up at my mom’s house with my very good friend reminiscing about the glories of old times. Also not so old times.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Who knows. Why? Because my wife starts a new-ish job (long story) and we get to do baby-juggle.

24 May 2013- Drive-by Posting

Hello. Today hasn’t been terribly interesting, so I’ll be brief. We got some much needed housework done today, my Cute Little Wifum did oodles and gobs of laundry, and I think that we’re both recovering from our colds (knock on wood).

I haven’t got as much done with writing as I would like (as has been par for the course this week), but I have more writing planned for this evening.

In other news, my Little Wifum’s grandpa isn’t doing too well. We might visit him on the way back from the zoo tomorrow (because we ARE going).

Weekend Docket:

  • Family time
  • Possible writing when we  get back from zoo (but nobody hold their breath)
  • Church
  • Relaxing
  • Getting ready to hit it hard next week

23 May 2013- Birthday, Gardens, Bad News

First off, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful spouse! It’s her mumfumble-th birthday today (I will not risk disclosing actual numbers), but it’s been a bit of a mixed-bag day.

Little Man (once again) didn’t sleep well last night. It’s becoming par for the course as we get over our allergies/colds, so we’ve been having some late mornings. Since his sleep schedule was off, we were a tiny bit late getting up/out to my grandma and grandpa’s house today for garden work. The dogs there thought I was their new best friend, and the feeling might have been mutual, except for the wet-dog/did-you-just-roll-in-feces smell. (To be completely fair, that was just one of them, but it tainted the overall Branson-dog relationship.)

At my grandparents’ house, we did some gardening, had lunch (which was very good), did more gardening and grandma made the Cute Little Wifum a very nice cake.

So, the morning and afternoon were good. We went home, cleaned up and I had to rush off to some meetings/appointments for a church assignment.  That was fine. Then the evening happened.

We got news that my wife’s grandpa had a stroke earlier today (he isn’t in any pain, and is able to speak with only a bit of a slur), and that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer (yes, this all happened in the same day).  That wasn’t very good news for the family, but especially for my Cute Little Wifum’s birthday.

Hence, it is almost midnight (once again) as I’m writing this. We’re up at my parents’ house mooching their internet whilst grandma changes a Little Man diaper and performs burping duty. It’s only a matter of time before she gets blasted with some bodily fluid or another.

With all of this, I got absolutely no words written (good or otherwise). Tomorrow should be a better, more productive day.

With that in mind, here’s Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Actually CELEBRATING Cute Little Wifum’s birthday (as today has been non-conducive to celebration)
  • Working on Draft Two. There are NO promises on word count. I feel like that’ll jinx me.

Official Proclamation Number One:

My wife and child now have code-names. Our baby is henceforth to be called Little Man in blog posts (as he’s already been called) and my wife will be referred to as Cute Little Wifum, (since wifum is an Old/Early-Middle English term for wife). If I’m REALLY lazy, they will be referred to with their initials: LM and CLW. Take that blog readers.

22 May 2013- Week of Dastardly Distractions: Day 3

Well, it seems that this week is not destined to be one of much writing. We did not get home last night until about 2 AM and Little Man had a few issues, so needless to say we slept in a little.

I woke up at about 8:30 with a phone call from a friend of ours who was having internet issues, so we got ready and fixed her internet. I am a genius.

Then, we got home (several hours later) and we got lunch. Thereafter it was time for writing (I don’t have my word count in front of me once again, but know it wasn’t much more than 2000). Before we knew it, it was time for dinner and we were up to my parents.

I DID try a standing desk today, which I LOVED! We are trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into our little space (since our office got turned into Little Man’s room). However, it doesn’t look like a standing desk is going to happen at our place for a while, probably until we get a larger home. Oh well, life goes on.

Highlight of the day: watching my littlest sister face-plant into the carpet whilst attempting clap-pushups. Yup, I almost died laughing.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Week of Dastardly Distractions: Day 4
  • Off to grandparents’ house (not great-grandma, my maternal grandparents) to play with MORE flowers/yard stuff.
  • Church meeting.
  • Whatever writing I can squeeze into the day. It may not be much, but hopefully it’ll be something.

21 May 2013- Flowers, Kittens, Devil-Hen

Hello all. I know it’s late, but I thought that everyone deserved a post for today (and I just need to keep in the habit of posting every day). Today didn’t go as planned, but it was still a good day.


I didn’t get much done in terms of word count. I honestly don’t know how many words I got done today, but whatever it was it wasn’t much. Why? See below.

Oh, I DID get some more stuff done with the outline (and the second of three portions is now printed off!).The only thing I have left to do with the outline now is connecting the dots between chapters thirteen and fourteen. And that will come later. MUCH later.

Other stuff:

Little Man was a little high-maintenance today. We love him. We love him. We love him. Also, he tried to poop on grandma today. She took it well.

We went over to my great-grandma’s house (Little Man’s great-great-grandma, the same one who just about got baptized by poop today) to do some gardening for her. It wasn’t much, but it was fun, and I got my playing-in-the-dirt fix! We also had lunch with her and got to spend a little bit of time chatting.

After we got done with that, we had to go home and clean up so we could go out to a fund-raiser for one of my wife’s friends who is going through cancer. There was a good turnout, and hopefully the fund-raising portion was good for them.

Thereafter we stopped by her parents’ house and visited for a bit. We got fresh eggs from her mom (YAY OMELETS!) and we got to visit the baby goat, who is getting bigger (I forgot pictures once again), one of the three kittens and we got news of a baby chick. We didn’t get to see the chick because of devil-hen who hates human beings.

I also potted some impatiens for the front porch (thanks for the flowers mom!), and there were some leftover petunias from grandma’s, so those are in a hanging basket just waiting for a place to hang on the porch.

So, I guess we got a lot done today, just not in writing. Oh well, life goes on. That just means that I’ll have to hit it really hard for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Draft Two (5000-6000 words)