21 May 2013- Flowers, Kittens, Devil-Hen

Hello all. I know it’s late, but I thought that everyone deserved a post for today (and I just need to keep in the habit of posting every day). Today didn’t go as planned, but it was still a good day.


I didn’t get much done in terms of word count. I honestly don’t know how many words I got done today, but whatever it was it wasn’t much. Why? See below.

Oh, I DID get some more stuff done with the outline (and the second of three portions is now printed off!).The only thing I have left to do with the outline now is connecting the dots between chapters thirteen and fourteen. And that will come later. MUCH later.

Other stuff:

Little Man was a little high-maintenance today. We love him. We love him. We love him. Also, he tried to poop on grandma today. She took it well.

We went over to my great-grandma’s house (Little Man’s great-great-grandma, the same one who just about got baptized by poop today) to do some gardening for her. It wasn’t much, but it was fun, and I got my playing-in-the-dirt fix! We also had lunch with her and got to spend a little bit of time chatting.

After we got done with that, we had to go home and clean up so we could go out to a fund-raiser for one of my wife’s friends who is going through cancer. There was a good turnout, and hopefully the fund-raising portion was good for them.

Thereafter we stopped by her parents’ house and visited for a bit. We got fresh eggs from her mom (YAY OMELETS!) and we got to visit the baby goat, who is getting bigger (I forgot pictures once again), one of the three kittens and we got news of a baby chick. We didn’t get to see the chick because of devil-hen who hates human beings.

I also potted some impatiens for the front porch (thanks for the flowers mom!), and there were some leftover petunias from grandma’s, so those are in a hanging basket just waiting for a place to hang on the porch.

So, I guess we got a lot done today, just not in writing. Oh well, life goes on. That just means that I’ll have to hit it really hard for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow’s Docket:

  • Draft Two (5000-6000 words)

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