A Catch-Up Post

Hello all,

I know it’s been a while. That’s the way the blog goes for me, apparently, and there’s been a lot going on. The biggest thing: parenthood. To make a very long list short, between ear infections, scheduling conundrums and the general “let’s only play all the time” vibe that young kids give off, it’s difficult to keep up with all the necessities like laundry and dishes, let alone the non-essential things like a blog.

With that in mind I have a lot of catch-up I need to do. Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to over the past few months (in no particular order).

First, I graduated! Despite fears that I had about my statistics class, I was able to get through my final semester with a reasonably good GPA and I was proud of my overall GPA.

Toward the end of the semester one of my professors nominated my final history project for a prestigious local award. Though I didn’t win, knowing that this particular professor (for whom I have great respect) thought it was good enough to be considered and the positive comments I received back made the experience worth it.

Our little guy also turned one at the end of March! That was great, though it seems like such a long time ago now. He’s started saying words like “cracker” and “truck” and my phone regularly puts out a “not enough storage space” message because of the thousands of photos/videos we have of him.

In the past couple of months I also had some kidney problems come up. It showed up on a routine test I had to take to apply for some more life insurance. Needless to say, when this showed up the insurance company sent me a nice letter in the mail that basically said “glad you thought of us, but we won’t touch you with a ten foot pole.” From there I started the doctor circuit, starting with my GP, cycling through specialists until last week when I visited the nephrologist. According to him, “Your test results were to make us interested but not enough to make us excited just yet,” so I’m taking that as good news even if I think the use of the words “interesting” and “exciting” (which were common themes throughout the visit) were a little out of place. An official diagnosis is still up in the air, but the doctor says it’s most likely that I won’t have anything to worry about. The unfortunate part of that is that until they know something’s wrong—which may be never—I get to grace their laboratories with more “samples” every 4-6 months for the foreseeable future, but I’ll take that over dialysis or a kidney replacement. And hey, I’ll keep the urology lab in business, so yippee.

We’ve also been looking for jobs. I have one that looks promising with a second interview next Thursday, so we’ll see how that turns out, and Kyra just had an interview this morning that she felt went well, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Finally, I’ve been plugging away at a few projects, though I’m about to start dedicating my time to just one of them within the next week or so. It’s going to consolidate a few of the things I’ve had in the development process for a while and make a richer, more complete story in the end, I think.

With that I’m off!

Until next time,


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