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Salutations! I’m Branson, and I’m not going to talk about myself in the third-person, so here goes:

I’m a parent, writer, bibliophile, desk-hoarder, and cane-collector. If you’re here, you’re likely interested in my writing, so feel free to take a look around, but be warned: the blog doesn’t get updated very often, so follow it at your own risk.

I’d love to hear from you with questions, comments, kudos and so forth.

My personal Twitter handle is @TheRoskelley so you can follow me there.

I’m also up for emails. My address is branson.r.roskelley (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m pretty good at keeping up with my emails, so if you shoot me one, I should get back to you pretty quickly.

You can also leave a comment anywhere on the site, and I’d be more than happy to reply.





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